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This is a group for people with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome or other disorders on the spectrum (and those who love them) to get together, chat, build friendships, and support each other.

Please join us in making South East Wisconsin an even friendlier place for those on the spectrum!

Disclaimer: The facilitators of our support group are NOT professional counselors or psychotherapists. This group is not a substitute for professional help.

Group members and group event attendees are voluntary participants in the Wisconsin Aspergers Empowerment Support Group. The activities led and information presented are to help the group members lead happier, fuller, more productive lives. Members release Wisconsin Aspergers Empowerment and any of its leaders, fellow members, facility providers, volunteers or board members from any claims, demands, damages, actions or causes of actions arising out of or in consequence of any loss, injury or damage to any person or property arising directly or indirectly from their participation in this group.

The benefit of membership comes by attending scheduled events. Our group is charged a fee by meetup.com based on the number of members. To maintain membership in Wisconsin Aspergers Empowerment you must attend at least one event every 6 months. RSVPing and then not attending does not constitute participation, leaders are aware of those in attendance.

Group Rules of Conduct

As our group grows it's expected there will be some growing pains. To make sure all are respected, supported and welcome we need to have clear boundaries for the meetings. Each member's privacy and safety will be maintained in all group communications. Messages must be approved by a member of the leadership team before being posted.

The leadership team wants to share these group membership guidelines:

 The purpose of the group is support, mentoring and empowerment. Persons with autism, Aspergers, PDDNOS and their immediate family, support or guardian are welcome. The Group is not intended for NTs (neuro-typicals) to come ‘observe’.

 Open, honest, non-judgmental and confidential discussion is essential. We are helpers not hurters. Our group is not therapy. We support and mentor. We do not provide personal therapist services for individuals. Deeply personal content should not be shared in this setting.

 All members need the opportunity to share. Turns will be taken in seeking input and offering support. If a member dominates the group leader will ask them to step back for others' turns.

 We need to keep content and language PG rated out of respect for the younger members present.

 Members need to provide their own transportation and shouldn't ask others to provide rides. Members may offer but not feel obligated.

 We will not market products or services to the group members. Members may share recommendations member to member

The group provides a social outlet for members to meet each other in real life, in person for social connections. As members get to know each other they may wish to get together outside of the group meetings. The leadership team reminds members to use common sense safety measures if they meet outside the group setting. It is recommended that members do NOT meet someone from the group site outside of the group setting as their first in person meeting.

In order to keep the group comfortable for all anyone who is physically or verbally abusive to others will be immediately removed from the group.

Our meeting space has been provided as a gracious gift to our group. Group members must respect the space we use. No littering inside or outside. Members are to clean up after themselves. We are to use the space we’re assigned and restrooms only. Members are not to wander the building, look into providers space or snoop. If you are curious ask for a tour.

Group member health and well-being is important to us. We have members with existing health issues and sensory sensitivity. If a member causes excessive noise, touching without permission, odors or is distracting or disruptive they will be spoken to about the issue. Group leaders will determine if a member needs to leave a meeting based on these issues.

Group members are not welcome at group meetings or functions when under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol or being under or over medicated with prescribed medications. Group members exhibiting disruptive behavior will be asked to leave that meeting/function. While a single incident will not result in the member being banned, repeated occurrences will be reviewed and could result in member being banned from group. If a member is disruptive they will be asked to leave. If they do not leave police will be called.

Group members need to be aware there are mandated reporters within the group. These are people who are required by law to report disclosures of sexual abuse and/or illegal activity. Serious references to any criminal activity planned, especially violence or illegal drug purchase or use is strictly prohibited. When joking as part of venting this needs to be clarified. The group members will not be made complicit to a crime due to member disclosure.

Members will be given three warnings before removal from the group for:

• Dominating meetings

• Inappropriate sharing

• Vulgar language

• Perpetual crisis mode

• Ignoring boundaries as explained above and/or by group leadership

Joining of Wisconsin Aspergers Empowerment group serves as agreement to the above.

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