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Be your Beautiful Best and let your Light Shine! Yes, we all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors (thank goodness!), and learning what Palette and Style are the most Ideal for you and how to Fine Tune your Wardrobe and Accessories can literally "Brighten" your Mood and Your Day! It all starts "Inside" of course, but then to Extend your Uniqueness and Personality outwards and share it with the world can help one to Manifest more of what they Desire in life, and promote Peace & Balance.

This group is for Fashion Forward Ladies of all ages! This group is about Fashion, Accessories, & Nails, meeting up for coffee and also some fun shopping events (maybe even some trips to a few fabric stores for those of us tossing around the idea to make something ourselves), sharing information we have about different products and various fashion ideas, making new Friends, and Shining like the Beautiful Diamonds we are! ; )

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~ Preparing for Fall 2019 ~ : )

Westfield Fashion Square

Let's Clean out our Closets! (Part 4!)

Discovery Shop Sherman Oaks

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