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Polishing Your Unit Testing Code - Kevin Bost, Microsoft MVP

Effectively testing your code can be difficult. It can be even harder to do it well and ensure you are making the most effective use of precious development time. It can be enough to make us loose our marbles. In this presentation we will cover getting started writing tests, up through advanced techniques using test doubles and simulators. Along the way, we will look at some real-world examples where these techniques are being actively used. About the Speaker: Kevin is a successful Microsoft MVP capable of designing elegant solutions to complex problems. He is a senior software architect that has been instrumental in the building of several innovative products, including System.CommandLine, Moq.AutoMocker, and ShowMeTheXAML. He is skilled at building professional applications and passionate about unit testing and code reviews. He consistently delivers high-quality results. Also, he regularly hosts live coding sessions on Twitch and maintains MaterialDesignInXAML, a fully open-source toolkit to assist the user in crafting desktop applications that allow Windows applications to leverage Google’s Material Design.

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