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F#, .NET's Functional Programming Language - Marlon Vilorio

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F# is a mature, open source, cross-platform, functional programming language that runs on .NET. It allows users to write simple code to solve complex problems.

Its interoperability with all .NET languages and libraries make it a natural choice for .NET developers looking to get some of the advantages that a functional programming language has to offer, such as immutability, expressiveness, sum types, exhaustive pattern matching, null safety, etc.

Come learn about all of the benefits and cool features that F# has to offer.

About the Speaker:
Marlon is a Software Engineer at Pluralsight actively working on a F#/C# code base. Initially a skeptic of F#, he now enjoys functional style programming, and loves all of the cool features that F# provides. He loves learning new things, experimenting with new concepts, and sharing his experiences with others. He is passionate about clean and concise code which is one of the reasons why he loves F#!