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Sometimes, Do you feel Tokyo is far?

Yes, We can meetup in Saitama!

We love Omiya, Urawa, Kawagoe and other nice places in Saitama Prefecture.

This group is for the people who are interested in meeting new and interesting people from all over the world and understanding each others culture and languages, and love Saitama!

We hope you can find great friends in this group! Please feel free to join us!

We want you to make (or suggest) new meetup events for this group.

If you have any idea, Don't hesitate to suggest us.

Let's make a lot of fun time together!

Facebook group is here. Feel free to join this as well!


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FREE Language Exchange (OIM)


初心者も歓迎! Beginners welcome! Please check Facebook for the total count of participants here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/432050620619956/ [Location] Saitama Shintoshin Station, Cocoon City Building 2, Food Court (3rd floor) [場所] 埼玉新都心駅,コクーンシティ2,フードコート(3階) [Outline] At Omiya International Meetup, you'll be using the languages! You can come to study, but also expect to have a conversation as well. Let's try to have conversations with Japanese people! [大筋] Omiya International Meetupは、英語も日本語も使います! 勉強しに来てもいいですが会話を絶対にします. 英語で対話しましょう! [The Plan] 1. Topics will be given out. You can bring your own materials for the conversation too! (e.g. the Japan times, public report, textbooks) 2. Talk about it in Japanese or English for 10 minutes [やり方] 1. トッピクを伝えます。トピックの提供は歓迎します。(英字新聞の記事、区の広報(英語バージョンなど)他英語や中国語で書かれた物、最近話題になっている物、使っているテキスト等) 2. 10分間トッピクについて英語又は日本語で話します

English Language Drink ‘em Up!


(日本語は以下) Welcome to the Saitama Monthly Drink ‘em Up! Here we like to get together once a month for a casual, relaxed English practice atmosphere. All levels of skill are welcome, so please stop by if you’re interested in practicing English and making new friends! さいたま市のMonthly Drink ‘em Upへようこそ!毎月カジュアル的な英語練習のために集合しています。何でも英語能力レベルはOKなので、新友達を作って英語練習したい方は出席してください!

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FREE Language Exchange (OIM)


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