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What we’re about

This group is about supporting HAPPINESS!

We do this in two ways: The Happiness Social and Happiness 101.

The Happiness Social is an opportunity to meet people in either being happier or making new friends - or both.    The facilitator is adept at helping newcomers to feel comfortable and welcome.  Each Happiness Social is a different experience but while you cannot be sure of the specific experience you'll have, you CAN always count on a positive experience and an opportunity to make a new friend.

Happiness 101 is an uplifting class where you will learn HOW to be happy, meet like-minded people and learn to break unhappy habits. Most people believe the myths of Happiness and therefore spend a great deal of energy chasing it, only to end up disappointed. Scientific research has now revealed the things that actually bring us Happiness. Even better: you can start being Happier NOW. Topics covered:

      *The Myths of Happiness

      *The Happiness Setpoint

      *Why You Are Not Happy

      *What Happines Is (and is not)

      *How and Why You Sabotage Your Happiness

      *Thinking Errors

      *Happiness Habits

      *The Paradox of Choice

      *The Hows of Happiness

      *Also: how exercise, sleep, social connection, money, beauty, the self-help movement, fame, the brain, American culture, religion, marriage, anti-depressants, anxiety, smiling and meditation relate to Happiness

Happiness 101 was offered elsewhere at a cost of $115. You have the opportunity to take the class at no charge.  For an opportunity to learn more about Happiness 101 and the chance to apply, click here.