What we're about

This group is about supporting HAPPINESS!

We do this in two ways: The Happiness Social and Happiness 101.

The Happiness Social is an opportunity to meet people in either being happier or making new friends - or both. The facilitator is adept at helping newcomers to feel comfortable and welcome. Each Happiness Social is a different experience but while you cannot be sure of the specific experience you'll have, you CAN always count on a positive experience and an opportunity to make a new friend.

Happiness 101 is an uplifting class where you will learn HOW to be happy, meet like-minded people and learn to break unhappy habits. Most people believe the myths of Happiness and therefore spend a great deal of energy chasing it, only to end up disappointed. Scientific research has now revealed the things that actually bring us Happiness. Even better: you can start being Happier NOW. Topics covered:

*The Myths of Happiness

*The Happiness Setpoint

*Why You Are Not Happy

*What Happines Is (and is not)

*How and Why You Sabotage Your Happiness

*Thinking Errors

*Happiness Habits

*The Paradox of Choice

*The Hows of Happiness

*Also: how exercise, sleep, social connection, money, beauty, the self-help movement, fame, the brain, American culture, religion, marriage, anti-depressants, anxiety, smiling and meditation relate to Happiness

Happiness 101 was offered elsewhere at a cost of $115. You have the opportunity to take the class at no charge. For an opportunity to learn more about Happiness 101 and the chance to apply, click here. (http://www.saltlakementalhealth.com/happiness-classes/#Happiness)

Upcoming events (5+)

Happiness Social - FInd Nearby Nature

10245 Wasatch Blvd

In this Happiness Social we will focus on the scientifically-proven happiness enhancing technique of Find Nearby Nature from Barbara Fredrickson's book, Positivity. We will hike together, enjoy what nature has to offer and of course spend time socializing. We will start our hike by 2:10pm so please be on time. Rain is part of nature too, so if it's raining, we'll enjoy that too. (In other words, this event will be happening rain or shine)

Happiness Social - Expressing Gratitude

17111 1700 W

We continue our Happiness Social MeetUp series focusing on the twenty scientifically proven methods to a happier life - this time focusing on expressing gratitude. We will spend some time going over the research on this issue then we will spend some time contemplating the width a breadth of our freedom and the sacrifices that have been made by our veterans to secure that freedom. We will also break into small discussion groups, giving participants an opportunity to truly connect.

Happiness Social - Learning to Forgive - RSVP ONLY IF YOU'RE COMING

Salt Lake Mental Health Inc

IMPORTANT: Space is limited to this event. RSVP ONLY if you are actually going to come. Happiness Social - Learning to Forgive. We continue this series featuring the twenty scientifically proven habits of Happy people - this time focusing on learning to forgive. We are fortunate to have guest speaker, mental health therapist, Nicco Allen. Nicco will tell her very personal story and pass along her knowledge (both personally and as a therapist), teaching you how to forgive. This is expected to be a very personal experience but it is NOT group therapy. There will be sexual content. This particular Happiness Social will not be appropriate for children. As stated, seating is very limited. If you RSVP and do not show up, you have taken away someone else's opportunity to come so again please only RSVP if you are actually going to attend. About Nicco Allen: "I am a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Student at the University of Phoenix. I am a Master’s Level Intern at Aspire Psychological. I am also a licensed social worker with over 3 years working at the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) in Sandy, Utah. I have worked as a permanency worker with parents who have had their children removed from the home and placed in foster care and I have worked directly with parents and children as a CPS worker with the special victims sexual abuse and severe physical abuse unit. This involved working directly with Salt Lake County special victims unit detectives, the Children’s Justice Center (CJC), as well as other community partners to investigate, educate and counsel parents and protect children and youth. I am a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) working on my clinical hours required for sex therapist certification. I work with youth, adults, and couples offering in-person individual sessions, e-therapy, and groups working with a wide range of mood disorders, trauma, sex therapy (sexual health and happiness), faith crisis, and others."

Happiness Social - Meditate Mindfully

296 E Murray Park Ave

Happiness Social - Meditate Mindfully. We continue our series featuring the twenty scientifically proven methods to a happier life - this time focusing on meditating mindfully. In the world of positive psychology, meditation has been proven over and over again to improve our overall Happiness. In today's Happiness Social we will give you an opportunity to understand meditation a little better and possibly dispel some of the misunderstandings regarding this powerful practice. You will be given the opportunity to practice meditation and connect with others in a small group discussion. Be sure to bring sun-screen and check the weather report and dress appropriately. We will be sitting on the grass or standing. This event will happen rain or shine.

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