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Note: This event is being hosted on the Remo platform. Please visit to join the meetup!

We brought together over 160 people in our last nationwide virtual Django meetup. We're looking to go even bigger this time. Just because DjangoCon 2020 is canceled doesn't mean the show can't go on.

The show will go on. In fact, it must go on.

We're hosting a virtual meetup on July 23rd, 6PM PST where we'll host expert Djangonauts for a night of deep discussion and discourse.

We'll cover:

* Lightning talks
* Deep technical talks
* Who's hiring

If you're interested in giving a talk or being involved in any way, please reach out to myself (arithmetic@gmail) or Rudy ([masked]).

We'll update the event with the Zoom link a couple days prior to the event.

# Talks

(1) Using Simple Database Triggers to Solve Complex Django Problems

There are certain problems in Django that are very difficult to reliably solve in an application. For example, tracking model changes, protecting fields or models from deletions/updates, and “soft-deleting” models instead of fully removing them from the database.

These problems can be solved elegantly and much more reliably with database triggers. I will overview how triggers work and how you can use django-pgtrigger to solve common problems in Django models using a Postgres database.

Wes Kendall has been involved in the Django community for close to a decade now and has been the founding engineer at several startups. He authored many of the open source works at,, and He's currently doing a new startup in the insurance space, where he is using (can you guess?) Django to do the entire app and core data processing infrastructure.

(2) Leveraging Teaching to Grow Software Engineering Teams

The software engineering industry is plagued by challenges surrounding talent and hiring, yet we’re overlooking a promising solution. Teaching is a powerful lever for building productive and stable engineering teams. By embracing it, organizations can solve their hiring and retention problems. I’ll talk about how we lost sight of teaching as an industry and strategies for leaders to bring this age-old tool into their teams today.

Andy Scheff is a founder, software engineering leader, and life-long teacher. He held roles as an engineer, PM, and EM at Dropbox, and was as the lead engineer for a seed-stage startup called Motion. He’s currently experimenting with new approaches to continuous professional learning and working as a coach for software engineers.

(3) Journey to Learning Django

As a new developer attempting to improve, it's good to reflect. Eighteen months ago I wasn't a Django developer and now I am! In this talk, I'll walk through my continuing journey of learning Django (and python): what was easy to learn, concepts that were difficult for me, where I am now, and a few biased reasons why I think Django is a great first framework to learn.

Kevin Dublin is a writer of poetry, prose, scripts, and code who lives in San Francisco. Follow him on Twitter at @parteverything.

(4) How we 'serverlessly' cloud our Django Apps using AWS ECS-Fargate

We'll first cover what exactly 'severless' means. We'll then explore how we made our apps serverless and assess along three axes: scalability, security, and operational efficiency.

Praful Bagal is a Lead Engineer at Innovaccer - a US-based HealthCare Company. He also have a few starts-ups to my name - ZOffers and BlackProp Tree. Having more than 7 years of experience, he knows how to build systems and cloud them serverlessly.