What we're about

The Sanctuary Boston is a spiritual community — a place of dynamic worship, authentic connection, and transformation for seekers of all kinds. This includes many who aren’t finding a community for themselves in more traditional religious offerings. We’re grounded in Unitarian Universalism, and shaped by the diversity of backgrounds and traditions we each bring with us.

We offer online worship and have recently begun offering in-person worship again. We meet the first Wednesday of the month online at 6:30pm and the third Wednesday online & in-person in the Back Bay at 6:30pm. Please check the events section for details and upcoming services.

In our services, we seek to value what is worthy in life, to reflect on the deep questions of human existence, to express gratitude and joy, and, when necessary, to mourn and gather our courage.

Our worship services include:

Music - Music is at the center of our worship services. We begin and end each gathering with singing — and there’s lots of singing in between, too!

Words of reflection - During each worship service we listen to inspiration and reflection from a community member. Reflections are personal and full of wonder and possibility.

Prayer and meditation - We share a spoken prayer, silence, or meditation. Meditation and prayer remind us that we are bound by common love across belief.

Sharing of joys and concerns - We hold intentional space in which community members can share that which is most joyful or heavy on their hearts.

Candle lighting - We light candles throughout our services as an expression of faith and community.

Food - We share food and conversation before and after the worship services.

Here's a typical order of service for a Sanctuary Worship Gathering:
·         Gathering Music
·         Welcome & Greeting
·         Singing Together
·         Message from a community member
·         Singing Together
·         Offering shared with a partner organization
·         Joys, Sorrows & Prayer
·         Closing Charge
·         Closing Song
·         Invitations & Announcements
We hope to see you there!

Founded in 2012, the Sanctuary Boston is a community of vibrant worship and real connection grounded in Unitarian Universalism. Worship that’s heart-centered, spirit-filled, down-to-earth and wicked smart. Connection that supports us as we seek to more fully answer the call of love.

Individually, our beliefs vary widely -- we are Buddhist and Christians, agnostics and mystics. We believe that there are many ways to express the miracle of autumn’s falling leaves, a new life, the intimacy of friendship, the wonder of this big blue ball floating in glittering vastness and all the awe of this world. We support each other on this spiritual adventure, each of us seeking our own spiritual path in the context of community.

In the end we don’t feel spiritual community is so much about what we “believe to be true” but about how we believe we should live and love and share the gift of our lives.

You can explore more about us on our web site at

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