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The Sanctuary for Mind, Body, and Spirit is a community group bringing together people of like mind. We offer different classes, events, workshops, and groups. We have been together since 2005, having created many different connections for people. We have brought in many different teachers, speakers, authors, practitioners, and vendors, and look forward to doing much more in the future! Look for events on energy healing, using herbs and essential oils, meditation, intuition development, ascension infoshare, study groups, and more. Find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/The-Sanctuary-for-Mind-Body-and-Spirit-55031949298/

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Crossing the Bridge To the Soul: An Experiential Workshop

Azan Shriners Center

Join special guest Spiritual Teacher, Radio Host, Musician and Author Keith Blanchard for this life-changing workshop! Keith's latest book "Homecoming: Crossing the Bridge to the Soul" is a current Amazon best seller. The great journey of a thousand years begins with the first step, as you move INward, UPward, FORward and TOward your Soul destination. This workshop will offer you a glimpse of your Soul in a new light, accelerating your spiritual development. Limited to 25 seats for social distancing, reserve your spot now! Includes all day admission to Spirit Fest including all speakers. Keith's many years of study in Eastern religion as well as his extensive immersion in Western spirituality have made him a sought after teacher and Spiritual Advisor. His charismatic personality makes him relatable, and learning new concepts fun. He is also an ET experiencer. For tickets https://www.sanctuaryfl.com/spirit-fest-melbourne.html

Spirit Fest Metaphysical & Holistic Fair - Melbourne, FL

Azan Shriners Center

40 safely-distanced booths with readers, healers, merchandise, artists, authors and more! You'll find FANTASTIC readers, healers, and merchandise including crystals. Speakers all day, both days. We are very focused on having a safe space so that everyone feels comfortable. $5 admission each day includes all speakers - Free parking! Explore ~ Connect ~ Flourish! Having this event over 2 days also allows for more people to come and go with less crowds at one time. Sunday, particularly in the morning, is usually less crowded than Saturday if you prefer that. Check for updates and special guests! www.sanctuaryFL.com

Crystal Power Workshop at Spirit Fest Melbourne

Azan Shriners Center

This workshop offers hands on experience in learning to connect and communicate with the spirit of crystals, and have them assist you on a journey to receive personal guidance and support. It will provide you tools to make beneficial changes during this pivotal year, and also a way to gather more support that will bring you into harmony with the Earth. This type of crystal technology will offer you healing and guidance to help center and uplift you. During this workshop you will connect connect to Earth’s crystalline grid and the network of energy intelligence found within the ley lines and sacred sites on the planet, opening up to the energy and wisdom contained in these areas. You'll discover powerful tools which will help you move into your higher potential, and bring you higher wisdom, as well as a sense of centered calm. Cost is $25 per person; You will receive 6 crystals to take home with you, along with worksheets. This also includes admission to Spirit Fest for the rest of the day, including all speakers! Since you'll receive these take home tools, you must pre-register at least 48 hours before the workshop. This event is led by Nancy Robbins, a licensed massage therapist, Cranial Sacral therapist, Reiki Master, psychic/medium, energy worker, metaphysical teacher, speaker, and author of Astara’s Journey. Nancy has been practicing healing and metaphysics for decades, and is a direct channel to many Master Teachers and a Council of Guides. For tickets https://www.sanctuaryfl.com/spirit-fest-melbourne.html

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Spirit Fest Metaphysical & Holistic Fair - Sarasota, FL

Sarasota Event Center

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