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My name is Sarah Masse, and I’m excited to help unite, connect and create expansion among kindred souls on this spiritual path, and I am so honored to begin helping to facilitate new gatherings and opportunities for growth. I’m a big believer in the magnetic healing power and reciprocal nature of positive intentions, and when joined together fully believe we can create some pretty great changes for our community by aligning our efforts and making connections where we are called.

I am a holistic psychotherapist and Reiki master at The Sanctuary of Growth, connecting with those interested in healing, mindfulness and healing surrounding the expansion of the heart center and chakra systems, every manifestation of our spirit, the teaching and continued learning of our deepest spiritual truths, the healing of Gaia and the joining of our larger collective in love and purification, and wholeheartedly welcome you to join any of those gatherings if they resonate as well.

I am so very thankful to have the privilege of utilizing my clinical therapeutic skills with Reiki, mindfulness modalities and spiritually guided concepts and ideologies, and am thankful that Colorado allows this freedom! I am also interested in the joining and collaboration alongside other holistic professionals through the advocation and building of awareness of the spiritual and holistic communities that are available and thriving here in the springs, if that resonates please connect!

Blessed be, and may the journey find you immersed in authenticity and divine joy!

Sarah Masse, MSW and Reiki Master at The Sanctuary of Growth

Upcoming events (5+)

Last Friday Monthly Drumming Circle

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Monthly Drumming circle open to everyone! Come with your drum, singing bowl or crystal bowl to unite through harmonious sounds and frequencies, and if you don’t have one no worries, come enjoy what’s created! ✨ A guided meditation and journaling practice will also be offered 💜 Energy Exchange of $5-20 to contribute towards the group’s ceremony supplies, materials and treats 💫

Holistic Health Collaborative Monthly Meeting, No Cost

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Monthly Developmental meeting held on the second Tues of the month @2pm. A joining of the Essential Wellness Society, the Holistic Networker's Association and their members, as well as any interested holistically aligned providers to join as we begin the collaborative process and coordination of Holistic Health Week 2020 in Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities. It takes a village to bring awareness to the possibilities presented by holistic medicine, come connect and be part of the movement to a whole person approach to wellness 💫

Sisterhood Circle with Tabby and Sarah

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Utilizing the expansive energies of the moon cycles, this women’s circle will meet monthly to collectively set intentions and begin learning the path to spiritual alignment and the manifestation of our highest self’s expression . Tabby and Sarah are wellness practitioners in Colorado Springs and are the initial spiritual leaders of the sisterhood. Tabby and Sarah will lead the sisterhood in monthly ceremony and wellness oriented, holistic rituals that enhance and bring alignment to our Divine feminine energies. The rituals offered are nature based, and usually encompass one or all of the natural elements of air, fire, water and earth; mindfulness and guided meditations, self-reflection and connecting with our spiritual Guides, Goddess archetypes and Ancestors. Connecting with these energies helps us to connect and ground to the highest expression of our spirit, as well as Mother Gaia (Mother Earth) more intimately and with reciprocal healing intention. Another mission of this sisterhood is sharing our collective knowledge on establishing spiritual practices in the home environment to further support growth and expansion in our spiritual journey. Through immersing in healing, re-establishing the connection to our own inner goddess, integrating ceremony into our daily lives and gathering regularly to engage in a collective ceremony of sisterhood, we expand our spiritual walk by taking this sacred time for deep reflection and growth. Energy exchange of $5-$20 to contribute towards ceremony and group materials. Please bring a journal and pen, water and something comfortable to sit on and an item of spiritual significance. Herbal tea and water will be served. Hi! I’m Tabby Halsrud, your Spiritual Companion and Guide with Quiet Heart and Home. My mission is to inspire you to create harmonious and nourishing environments that feel sacred to you. Through a blend of approaches and practices, I support you in freeing your inner spirit by cultivating more presence, passion, and playfulness. I encourage you to find your center, embrace the unknown, and follow the callings of your heart. I help you release what no longer fits in your life, open to new beginnings, and make aligned choices so you can live with more ease and flow. I have several years’ experience in coaching, facilitating and training in a variety of areas including spirituality, wellbeing/self-care, and journal writing for self-reflection and spiritual growth. Learn more about me and my services at www.purposefulgrowthcoach.com or on Facebook: Quiet Heart and Home. Greetings! I am Sarah Masse, MSW holistic psychotherapist and Usui Ryoho Reiki Master at The Sanctuary of Growth, connecting with those interested in mindfulness and healing, surrounding the expansion of the heart center and chakra systems in Divine light and connection, every manifestation of our spirit, the teaching and continued learning of our deepest spiritual truths, in addition to the healing of Gaia and the reciprocal joining of our larger collective in love and purification through a variety of different ceremonies, workshops, special events and individual holistic services in Colorado Springs. www.sanctuaryofgrowth.com

Reiki Share, Setting Intentions and Collective Healing

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Monthly 2nd Saturday Reiki/Divine energy share and potluck gathering for all energy workers! Let’s continue to unify together to set powerful intentions for 2020, create focal points of healing in our community and surround the larger collective in source purification. I do hope to see you there if this resonates ✨ All that is required is your presence, but if you can please do bring a drink, snack or side dish to share with the group, a journal and pen as well as an item that brings inspiration to your spiritual practice ✨ Energy exchange of $5-20, a crystal or unscented candle is greatly appreciated to contribute towards group ceremony supplies, materials and treats ✨ Herbal tea and dinnerware will be provided ✨

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