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EFT Mini-Class for Beginners (and experts)
EFT is one of the best skills you'll ever learn. Seriously. Tonight I'll still be doing ten minute mini-sessions with folks, but I'd like to stop and explain along the way, what I'm doing and why and how to get the most out of EFT at home. So this group is about learning EFT while tapping away your own blocks and tapping for the benefit of others. It's moving, powerful and usually a lot of fun! By the end of the evening you'll be ready to take this wonderful tool home with you. It's hard to believe until you've experienced it for yourself, but tapping makes letting go of old junk so much easier. It feels wonderful. Newbies welcome! You don't need to know how to tap to attend. And you can participate without taking a turn yourself--it still feels great! EFT can work for all kinds of physical issues, as well as clearing stuck emotions and changing limiting beliefs. It really is amazing how much can be released in just ten minutes! Please arrive least a few minutes early to find parking and grab a seat. Doors open at 6:45 and you're welcome to come on in and hang out. The group is $15 to $25 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds. Please DO RSVP and don't just show up! I've had to cancel groups in the past, only to find out a lot of people were planning on just dropping in! That said, please don't RSVP unless you really are going to come. If you do sign up and can't make it, please please please change your RSVP to "not coming" at least an hour or two before the group. For more information on Rob and EFT, please visit

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What we're about

Come learn and practice Emotional Freedom Techniques ( (EFT) in a safe, supportive and FUN environment.

Whether you want to lose weight, overcome blocks to success, get over a divorce, heal from fibromyalgia, let go of trauma, deepen your spiritual life, or just feel happier--EFT is a powerful tool to learn and practice.

Everyone welcome... from Beginners to those with EFT experience. This is a very affordable way to get acquainted with EFT and start experiencing some of it's amazing benefits. Meetings are only $15 to $25 sliding scale. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Members are free to keep their issues totally private. There is never any pressure to disclose anything! So come join us for an evening of easy healing. Why put off feeling better? Get real relief right away!

Tap away fear, painful memories, negative emotions, self-sabotage and limiting ideas. Experience the amazing benefits of doing EFT in a Group.

Our EFT Group Meetings will be modeled on the "Borrowing Benefits" method that Gary Craig teaches. Group members can take turns tapping with me for short, but powerful mini-sessions. Tap into the group energy to help rewire your subconscious!

You can discover how to effectively & painlessly conquer phobias and fears; calm anxiety; alleviate physical pain; create abundance; control cravings & weight issues; reduce and often remove the emotional hold of past traumas.

I've started this group because I love sharing EFT and helping people change their lives! I realize that not everyone can afford private sessions. Also, tapping in a group adds a wonderful feeling of camaraderie. I'm a Certified EFT Practitioner and trainer and I've worked with hundreds of clients on a wide range of issues, both emotional and physical. The results we get with EFT are pretty much miraculous.

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