Night at the Curiosity Carousel


Does the idea of "play" intrigue you? Do you wish you could play more instead of just eat-work-sleep-repeat? Or perhaps you feel you need permission to play?

Then join us on a mini play adventure!

Based on the initial findings of my play research, what adults need and want most are: 1) reassurance that play isn't a waste of life AND 2) permission to play.

This fun and interactive workshop has been carefully crafted to give participants the chance to experience how we unblock ourselves and unlock our potential as individuals by acknowledging and embracing our playful selves.

Join Portia Tung, Playmaker 001 and Play Coach, to crystallise your definition of play and explore your relationship with play. You'll get to play on the Play Carousel, a mix of exercises, arts and crafts and games to get us thinking and talking about play and having fun!

No mini play adventure is complete without the prospect of change and challenge, so you'll get to take away at least 3 ideas to increase your daily amount of play right away.

This event is hosted by Agile:MK and sponsored by Barclaycard. For your ticket, register here: