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Beginner class to learn the Tai Chi form
This is a ten week course that runs from 25th of September till 27th November. Please make sure that you attend either of the first two classes to allow proper opportunity to learn the form. You can and still learn the form. Each class covers the material learned the previous week before advancing onto new material. More details about the school and courses available visit http://www.londontaichi.org/classes/ The 130 pound cost is for the entire 10 week course.

St Anne's Church

55 Dean St, Soho, W1D 6AF · London


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Tái Chi Chuan is the ancient Chinese art of physical culture that promotes total health- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A round of the Tái Chi Form takes seven to ten minutes to perform, and requires no special equipment or clothing.

The study of Tái Chi with The School of Tái Chi Chuan London (STCCL) begins with learning the sequence of the Beginning Form. Students then go on to more advanced levels of Tái Chi, including the study of Push Hands.

The 37 postures of Tái Chi Form replenish energy reserves by allowing tight muscles to loosen, joints to open, and vital energy or chi to flow unimpeded.

Established in 1979, STCCL has a direct lineage from the late Cheng Man-Chíng, last seated Grandmaster of Martial Arts of the Empire of China. We teach in teams to transmit the Yang family style of Tái Chi Chuan as modified by Cheng Man-Chíng with clarity, precision and respect for its traditions.

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