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EVENT: Experiments and Observations on Electricity

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by Benjamin Franklin

Informal discussion led by
Professor Nathan Harshman (
(Chair, Department of Physics)
September 17th, 2013
*Season Launch Reception: 7 pm*
Discussion: 7:30-9 pm
The School of International Service,Founders Room [Link Broken]

In 1751, Peter Collinson, president of the Royal Society, arranged for the publication of a series of letters from Benjamin Franklin, written between 1747 and 1750, describing his experiments with electricity. Through the publication of these experiments, Franklin became the first American to gain an international reputation for his scientific work. In 1753 he received the Copley Medal of the Royal Society for his contributions.

Professor Harshman pursues research in theoretical physics, focusing his studies on the intersection of quantum information theory and particle physics. Professor Harshman explores how to quantify and detect entanglement in composite particle systems such as molecules and atoms and fundamental particles like electrons and photons.


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