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Meet Seattle board game enthusiasts and have lots of fun!

This is the group for anyone in Seattle interested in contemporary board games, from people completely new to the world of modern board games to grizzled veterans who have lost entire weekends to Advanced Civilization. We get together a few times a week to play modern classics like Dominion, Power Grid, Puerto Rico, and Settlers of Catan, as well as new games hot off the shelf. American games, European games, miniatures games, wargames, collectible card games, and everything else in the tabletop gaming world are welcome at our events.

If you have an idea for a board game event, please speak with an organizer and we'll set it up.

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Belltown Pub - Wednesday

Belltown Pub

Good microbrews and good food. Introduce yourself - we are a great group that loves to game. We have the two large tables on the main floor reserved each week. **Metered parking is free after 8PM. We encourage you to bring additional board games, most of the regulars bring several games each week and the bar also has a collection. If you have a game you want to play, do bring it! People arrive both early and late, but there's usually people there until around midnight. If you are interested in deep strategy games and the occasional quirky ones, this will be a fun group meetup. We almost always have at least 15 people, but most of the regulars have stopped RSVPing. Don't be discouraged by the RSVPs, if you want to join us, please do! Look for Chelsea or Victor and we will get you oriented.

Tabletop Thursday @ Pioneer Square

Elysian Fields

The official Pioneer Square outpost of The Seattle Alternative Boardgamers Meetup Group. Join us for board games, brews+grub and general revelry. We'll bring a gaggle of games, but feel free to bring your favorites. Cheers! Elysian Fields is a 21+ establishment *Tabletop days will be canceled when home games fall on a Thursday.

Friday gaming on Capitol Hill

Roy Street Coffee

Fun and games on a Friday night. Come out and try a new game or bring a favorite to share with the group. We are always willing to teach the rules of a game you aren't familiar with or learn a new game you bring in. Roy street coffee is the new regular place (until the next new regular place). Hope to see you all there.

Sunday Board Games at Big Time Brewery!!!

Big Time Brewery & Alehouse

UPDATE: We had 4 games going yesterday at Big Time! Excited to see this group growing! Hope to see many fresh faces next week. Seattle Alternative Board Gamers have an outpost in the U-District! This is a great central location and many of us attend, so come on out and get your board game on! We've been a long-standing weekly meetup for a while now, and most of the regulars don't RSVP, interneting is hard! We are hoping to change that over the next couple months, to get more gamers involved. Big Time lets us use the back room free of charge, I'd like to see more people supporting Big Time's generosity with a bit of ol' fashion patronage! They have a great selection of beer and ciders to choose from, and a decent selection of bar food. That being said, if you can't swing a purchase, please come anyway to enjoy some board games! If you have games you'd like to play, please bring them. There aren't any games in the venue, but several of us bring our favorites to play every week, and there is never a shortage of games to choose from! NEW: I plan on advertising a "Game of the Week" here in the very near future...stay tuned for more information soon!

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Sunday Board Games at Big Time Brewery!!!

Big Time Brewery & Alehouse

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