What we're about

We are a group that is founded on the belief that books should be read for entertainment. We want to read and discuss upbeat, fantastic, quirky enjoyable books - not the latest downer tome handed down from Oprah. If you want to read funny, imaginative, quotable books and then rave about how they split your sides, fired you up, or give you weird dreams then this club is for you! Even if the books we end up reading aren't as fun and interesting as we hope - it's better to complain together over drinks then whine about it by ourselves.

How we choose books:

We compile a list of books that we want read. We choose what we are reading the next month by voting at the monthly meetup.

Group Guidelines:

1) 21 and over plz - The books we may be reading (and the bars we plan and meeting to discuss the books in) mean that we need people to be at least 21 to participate.

2) "No homework" - We don't have set questions, it's open discussion. You won't get in trouble if you haven't read the book, but at least make an effort so you'll have something to talk about. Read the back cover at a bare minimum! ;-) If you haven't read it come anyway and hear about why you should, but be prepared for spoilers.

3) Be respectful. Be polite about any views or topics that may come up in the course of discussing a book, some of the books we might read are kind of strange or may riff on religion, politics, society, etc. Just take said books and our discussions with a sense of humor and a grain of salt and we'll all get along fine.

There is a new attendance/RSVP policy in an effort to be polite to the venues that we use.

If you "NO SHOW" (That means you don't change your RSVP status before the event) more than twice you will be kicked out of the group. You will have up to 9 am the day of the event to change your RSVP status to "NOT GOING". Those who wish to RSVP the same day as the event may still do so, however if you no show you will still be subject to the attendance rule. Exceptions can be made for those who contact me.

Please remember to RSVP correctly and to cancel with enough time so that we can give the venue an accurate number of people that will be attending the event.

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