What we're about

We are a group that is founded on the belief that books should be read for entertainment. We want to read and discuss upbeat, fantastic, quirky enjoyable books - not the latest downer tome handed down from Oprah. If you want to read funny, imaginative, quotable books and then rave about how they split your sides, fired you up, or give you weird dreams then this club is for you! Even if the books we end up reading aren't as fun and interesting as we hope - it's better to complain together over drinks then whine about it by ourselves.

How we choose books:

We compile a list of books that we want read. We choose what we are reading the next month by voting at the monthly meetup.

Group Guidelines:

1) 21 and over plz - The books we may be reading (and the bars we plan and meeting to discuss the books in) mean that we need people to be at least 21 to participate.

2) "No homework" - We don't have set questions, it's open discussion. You won't get in trouble if you haven't read the book, but at least make an effort so you'll have something to talk about. Read the back cover at a bare minimum! ;-) If you haven't read it come anyway and hear about why you should, but be prepared for spoilers.

3) Be respectful. Be polite about any views or topics that may come up in the course of discussing a book, some of the books we might read are kind of strange or may riff on religion, politics, society, etc. Just take said books and our discussions with a sense of humor and a grain of salt and we'll all get along fine.

There is a new attendance/RSVP policy in an effort to be polite to the venues that we use.

If you "NO SHOW" (That means you don't change your RSVP status before the event) more than twice you will be kicked out of the group. You will have up to 9 am the day of the event to change your RSVP status to "NOT GOING". Those who wish to RSVP the same day as the event may still do so, however if you no show you will still be subject to the attendance rule. Exceptions can be made for those who contact me.

Please remember to RSVP correctly and to cancel with enough time so that we can give the venue an accurate number of people that will be attending the event.

Upcoming events (2)

Let’s Read Natalie Zina Waschots “Hench” For Fun!

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Meet Anna: a smart woman who chooses to become the villain instead of the victim.

After an encounter with a superhero that leaves her leg shattered and with a permanent limp, Anna sets out on a path for revenge and to expose the collateral damage and pain inflicted by superheroes.

It’s the female villain origin story —from the POV of a minor henchperson in a temp job— that we all want to read!

“...Hench explores the individual cost of justice through a fascinating mix of Millennial office politics, heroism measured through data science, body horror, and a profound misunderstanding of quantum mechanics."

From the jacket:

"Anna does boring things for terrible people because even criminals need office help and she needs a job. Working for a monster lurking beneath the surface of the world isn’t glamorous. But is it really worse than working for an oil conglomerate or an insurance company? In this economy?

"As a temp, she’s just a cog in the machine. But when she finally gets a promising assignment, everything goes very wrong, and an encounter with the so-called “hero” leaves her badly injured. And, to her horror, compared to the other bodies strewn about, she’s the lucky one.

"So, of course, then she gets laid off.

"With no money and no mobility, with only her anger and internet research acumen, she discovers her suffering at the hands of a hero is far from unique. When people start listening to the story that her data tells, she realizes she might not be as powerless as she thinks.

"Because the key to everything is data: knowing how to collate it, how to manipulate it, and how to weaponize it. By tallying up the human cost these caped forces of nature wreak upon the world, she discovers that the line between good and evil is mostly marketing. And with social media and viral videos, she can control that appearance.

"It’s not too long before she’s employed once more, this time by one of the worst villains on earth. As she becomes an increasingly valuable lieutenant, she might just save the world."

Not a bad gig for a temp, amiright?

Bring your sack lunch and share your worst job stories as we read “Hench” for fun.

As always, we don’t expect everyone to finish reading the book, but there will be spoilers (there always are), so forgive us.

Let’s Read For Fun: Rhys Bowen’s Royal Flush (Book 3 of "Her Royal Spyness")

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Read-for-Funners! Come join us on a Scottish holiday as your summer beach read! Our selection is Royal Flush, which is the third book in Rhys Bowen's Her Royal Spyness series.

We join flat-broke Lady Georgiana Rannoch, thirty-fourth in line to the English throne, as she she stumbles through her summer vacay and solves some mysteries along the way!

From the jacket:

"With its posh clientele in the country for the summer, Georgie's housecleaning business has fizzled. So she tries hiring herself out as a dinner-and-theatre companion. But her first client has quite the wrong idea. To avoid further scandal, Georgie's shipped home to Castle Rannoch, where her summer plans include honoring a promise to Her Majesty to keep Castle Rannoch's divorcée houseguest from seducing the Prince of Wales. She's also been coerced into helping Scotland Yard with a top-secret mission - namely keeping an eye on the shooting party at Balmoral and preventing someone from shooting the Prince. And Georgie must manage all this without strangling her odious sister-in-law Fig or spineless brother Binky."

After a very embarrassing misunderstanding in London, naive and clumsy Georgie is back in Scotland at the cold and drafty —and possibly haunted— Castle Rannoch. With competing assignments from the Queen, Scotland Yard, and her dreadful cheapskate sister-in-law Fig, Georgie has her hands full. Add in her dramatic actress mother, her flighty friend Belinda, penniless love interest Darcy, future Queen Elizabeth II, and perhaps Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, and boy do we have a fun book!

This book is a romp, a comedy of manners, and a pastiche of late roaring '20s/'30s stunts wrapped around the whodunnit of an on-going attempt to kill members of the Royal Family, and an unlikely romance with the mysterious Darcy.

So put on your spats and flapper dresses, and let’s meet-up to discuss Royal Flush!

As always, you don’t have to have finished reading the book to attend, but be forewarned that there will be spoilers!

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