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Hello Seattle Ruby on Rails Meetup Group! I'm excited to announce our 4th Ruby on Rails Educational/Networking Meetup Event!

When: Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 6:30 PM.

Where: has generously offered us use of their very nice meeting space in their Rainier Tower offices.

Rainier Tower, Floor 12
1301 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA

Building Entrance and Parking:
People should enter on 5th avenue across the street from the 5th avenue theater. It's the entrance by "Rock Bottom." The building will close at 6, so this will be the only entrance into the building.

We'll have signs up with cell phone #'s to call in case we have very late arrivals.

As for parking, there are lots in downtown but they will be pricy. If you *must* park downtown it's usually best to walk 3-5 blocks from either Pacific Place or the Convention Center due to the lower prices and ease of access/safety. It will be after hours so street parking might be available also.

For public transportation, the closest bus tunnel entrance is University Street and most of the major bus routes have stops by our building on 4th and 5th aves respectively.

You may have heard how wonderfully successful our last networking and educational meetup events were—don't miss this one!

This event is totally free and is a great way to meet and mingle with the best and brightest Ruby devs, Rails devs, and Ruby centric companies in the northwest—be sure to RSVP and let us know you'll be there!

Our presenter for this event will be:

Wes Maldonado Senior Software Engineer and all around cool guy

He'll be talking on Erector: http://erector.rubyfo... (

From Wes:
In this talk I'll cover how and why you should give code in your views
the respect it deserves though inheritance, modular decomposition and
encapsulation using Erector.

Erector is a Builder-like view framework, inspired by Markaby but
overcoming some of its flaws. In Erector all views are objects, not
template files, which allows the full power of object-oriented
programming (inheritance, modular decomposition, encapsulation) in

We're actually down one speaker for this event. If you're interested in presenting to the group this Wednesday, please let me know asap.

If I can't find another presenter, I was thinking we could do a "get to know the group" meet-and-greet where 3-4 members of the group get up and tell us about themselves, what they do, and what they're currently working on.