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This group is for the people who have achieved what they wanted to with their constant belief in themselves and now wish to take the next step in their awareness!

On the other hand this group is for those people too, who have lost what they had desired because of their constant self-doubt by either not believing that they can achieve it or by doubting their own abilities to obtain it.

In all the cases there is a strong force acting. Achievement and Failure both depends on the way we think.
" Our Thoughts make us what we are "

This group is dedicated to the book called "The Secret" and how it changed one's entire life!!!

People who want to share their experiences with others and want to learn this Secret are most welcome to join.

Though the group is open for all "The Secret" book / movie / concept lovers / followers,we have 05 pre-requisites for joining the group. Please read them carefully before applying for membership

1. You must have read the book / watched the movie / listen to the audio book, before you request for membership.

2. Please answer all the questions completely as they are mandatory for seeking the membership of the group.

3. You must have an original clear and distinctive picture of you in your profile.

4. You are required to attend at-least 01 Meetup session over a period of 02 months time to maintain your membership with our group.

5. 03 No-Shows would result in cancellation of your group membership. If you have RSVP'ed for a meetup and you would not able to join, kindly inform the organizer or change the RSVP before the meetup.

6. Group Ethics - Please maintain respect and decent communication with all the group members.

Failing to follow the above ground rules will result in a non-acceptance / cancellation of your membership.

Thank you
Deepti, Karan

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The First Step

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