What we're about

You are complete and healed. You are in perfect harmony with all there is. Come and feel the truth of this. Let yourself be brought unto your Self. Nothing is required of you.
Let's remove the veils that block you to feel your true nature. Even though it is our true nature, it does not happen naturally to be there because of our conditionings. There is a process to open and remove those conditionings, so that you can truly be yourself. Your authentic self. Let's respond to life with a fresh, new way of being instead of reacting like in the past because you do not know how not to bring the past into the present (and future).

This process is gentle and everyone can start in any moment of their lives. You do not need experience, but initially you need a teacher to help you to be present in places that you are not. The classes consists of a main meditation and some light exercises on focus and breath to help you to be present and to access the deepest dimensions of yourself. I will help each student individually in their process. The Realization Process is the most transformational work that I have ever studied. I have been studying & practicing spirituality & healing modalities for several years (decades now) and nothing has touched me so deeply. Yet, gentle. Allowing each person to unwind in their own space and time. Come and participate and you will feel it!!

Allow yourself to be still for a moment and touch the Cosmic Consciousness

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