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You've probably heard someone say that "knowledge is power"...but is it really?

Well, it used to be. But not any more. Knowledge is easy to access nowadays. Lots of information online, videos, books to read...but how far can they get you?

The truth is that if you still think that knowledge is power and you buy book after book and put them on your shelf, what you're really doing is "shelf-development", not self-development. The real power is "Knowledge in Action".

Think of it as going to the gym. You can buy books, watch videos and even attend a new seminar every day, that's not what gets you fit. Putting knowledge in practice does.

The Self-Development Gym is the place where you can "work out", play around, try, make mistakes, try again, learn, learn, learn...

It's a safe environment where you can apply what you learn and experience everything first-hand. You can build a new skill and become more aware of yourself.

It's a place to find like-minded people who are on the same path and have chosen to grow by doing, not by filling up their shelves.

If that resonates with you or if you are just curious and want to check things out, you're welcome to join any of our events!

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