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This group is open to all active practitioners, students and those who seek healing.

Welcome to the Shamanic Circle!

This group welcomes all Shamanic Practitioners regardless of schools of thought or learning or where you are on your Journey. (Beginners are most welcome).

Shamanism is a private experience that expands within the community, be it either a village or the greater global community and beyond. This group is a safe place to meet, share in a weekly sacred circle, to expand, share, learn and to grow.

As a Practitioner, I walk a sacred path. Now, it is time to step beyond that of which I have known. In September, I shall be in India, teaching and expanding my knowledge and so too this group, as I shall hold meetings in India as well.

I invite all of my fellow Practitioners in sharing and creating this sacred space, with knowledge and ritual. We are a very respectful group.

If you are new or seasoned, if your path has taken you into Celtic or African Shamanism, or if you are influenced by the Shamanic Practices of Asia or Siberia or Native American or South American or any Pacific forms of Shamanism, it is all equal and valid in our eyes.

Let us gather and bring our energies together for not only ourselves, but for the World and Beyond.

NOTE: Those new to Shamanism are welcome and may learn about Journeying during fee based workshops that are held every month.

All meetings are held in private residence or in public places. A $1.00 energy exchange is requested as a symbolic gesture.

Bring rattles and drums and other tools for journey with you and let us sit in the The Shamanic Circle.

NOTE: If your work uses any form of plant medicine to enter into a journey, it is respected, however it will not be suitable for this group. Thank you for understanding.

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Our May 2020 Newsletter/e-mag has been released

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