What we're about

We are primarily located in Westchester County. If you’re looking to meet other black woman, have fun, get healthy, support or just make new friends( Yes! Very possible 😜) and embrace black empowerment this MAYBE the group for you. Compatible ages for the goals of this group are roughly 25-45.

If you want to be a committed sister, our sisterhood is progressive, straightforward and unapologetic. We’ll embrace and be accountable for one another as black woman, stick together as a group or fall individually.
We’ll do all the fun stuff and analyze topics that are taboo or otherwise just don’t get talked about, some topics will be explosive... FYI. We will coach, learn and be supportive of one another, embrace femininity amongst our sisters and continue our growth. No matter where you are on your path, we are all on the same journey. Let’s rebuild the image of black sisterhood.
We’ll plan local and long distance activities and trips. Our activities can range from bowling, gun range, movies, exercise group, horseback riding, TALBE TALK(thought Provoking)and so on.

If this sounds like the group for you.... WELCOME!

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Movie Night MUST SEE

SVA Theater

Table Talk ...Let’s eat !!!!

Seasoned Vegan



Table Talk.... let’s eat!!

Alvin & Friends Restaurant

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