What we're about

Do you enjoy being creative or are you curious on how to add a little creativity into your life? Sign up to a mindful and creative session, that will run every week online.

I will guide you through a different nature based themes each week and we will focus on the process of drawing as a means of unwinding and self expression rather than striving to achieve a perfect outcome.

Over different sessions I will choose different nature based themes and you’ll have the opportunity to practise drawing & mark-making in a sketchbook/art journal or loose paper.

ALL skill levels welcome: you can learn new skills, practise techniques, work on adding to your art journal or just turn up and enjoy the process.

I hope this club will provide an enriching experience and a chance for creative expression, so that you leave feeling good.

Materials required:

Sketchbook (any size would be fine but if you are not sure, square sketchbooks are great or A4 is a good generic size)

Drawing Pencil - HB, 2HB, 4HB

Eraser & Sharpner

OPTIONAL Fineliners or Colour Pencils or Paint, these would be incase you want to add colour.

About me

I was a jewellery designer for the high street fashion and silver jewellery for 15-ish years and now I work in sales. Creative working in a sketchbook was something I started doing when I when I did my degree at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and always loved. I've come back to my sketchbooks recently and was asked to share what I do by people looking for ideas and so here we are in a lovely creative meet-up.

(I've had to change the day to Wednesday from Thursday, hope this doesn't inconvenience too many people!)

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