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Calling all amateur, professional and curious wannabe artists, this might be the perfect group for you! Drawing is action. I have had a passion for the arts since childhood.

'The teaching of drawing is the teaching of looking.' A lot of people don't look very hard - David Hockney

This group is an opportunity to:

• draw/sketch/create (whatever you like to call it) in a group environment.

• see other ways of expression

• spend a few hours broadening horizons on sketching and drawing

• practice. Doing is thinking. And looking!

Afterwards maybe find a pub for a nice long drink and share ideas on art and have a laugh!

Everyone has the ability to draw. I look forward to meeting you at an event!

The Optimistic Arty Bloke

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Let's sketch

Carfax Tower

Let's sketch

Caffè Nero

Let's sketch

Oxford Botanic Garden

Let's sketch


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