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There are unlimited ways to build wealth. Because of that, it can be overwhelming to determine where to invest your hard earned money. Come and soak up some wealth building information about how to properly buy income generating real estate.

The REITE Club is proud to partner with the $mart Investor group to bring high quality virtual events and eventually live events.

When: We have many virtual events happening a few times a month, stay tuned for what's next.

Where: Virtual for now

Who: Anyone who wants to explore the many features of using real estate as an investing vehicle and to discover the many unique benefits that only real estate offers.

Why: For the love of learning how to making money AND To learn the academic characteristics of real estate investing, all the things beyond the piece of property.

This meet up is for anyone interesting in learning about how to attain financial freedom and become a smart investor. If you want to learn how to truly use real estate as an investment vehicle, and learn to use the advantages that are unique for real estate investors, then this meet up is for YOU! For many, an obvious choice for building wealth is real estate. As a result a large focus of the meet up will be how to properly invest in real estate and how to take advantage of all the things that are set up just for real estate investors.
o Want to buy an investment property but don’t know where to start?
o Intimidated by the REI meetings because you feel you don’t know the real estate lingo?

We will review real estate topics like ….
• How to analyze investment properties
• How to perform due diligence
• Real estate cycles and markets
• Exit strategies
• Investment property arithmetic
• How to hold your real estate
• Tax strategies for building wealth
• Investment comparisons
• Investor mindset
• And other topics that YOU want to learn about!! Our meetings are structured yet open for discussion and knowledge sharing. Come out, learn, mingle and shop-talk investing.
RSVP today!! This meet up is for educational purposes only.

Come join Marc and me as we explore the various elements of being a $mart Investor!

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