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Machinations League

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Machinations is Privateer Press’ 2013 league series, consisting of four seasons with each season spanning four weeks. Leagues ideally suit groups of eight or more players who regularly meet and play whenever they wish. League matches are tracked and recorded.

This league provides players with a casual format where they will battle against each other while also working together in a global effort to uncover the mysteries behind Machinations. It will provide both novice and veteran players, as well as hobbyists, weeks of entertainment as they play, paint, and interact with unique maps and displays.

Machinations is a year-long adventure that focuses on the discovery of the unknown. Someone—or something—is plotting against the armies of western Immoren, and strange incidents are happening all across the land. Players will battle over the various sites where bizarre events are occurring in an attempt to discover the truth. This tale will unfold in short story fiction that accompanies each season, in the store displays and online maps that the players interact with, and even in the tabletop battles themselves.

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