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Want to socialise, but don't want to feel like you have to drink while you're doing it? If you're a fan of chilling out over a cup of coffee, the outdoors, the cinema, dance classes, day trips, surfing, picnics in the park, biking and much more besides, this could be the group for you...

Perhaps it's just me, but since giving up the drink I've come to notice how my old drinking social framework doesn't seem to adapt well to my new non-drinking lifestyle. I'd like to form this group for all non-drinkers out there to get together and bond over a coffee or picnic in the park or whatever else we decide. I think it'd be nice to meet other non drinkers out there to form a group and find out together how to have the craic on the dry in Cork City :) Everyone is welcome, bring your friends if you like and I promise you'll meet a group of lovely and welcoming people.

NB: this isint a teetotallers group exclusively, people who drink outside of this group are welcome too, but with the understanding that any meet ups we do have would involve zero alcohol.

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Hey there guys and girls, This is not an event, but I thought it would be a good idea to start a quick discussion - someone suggested a trad session/open mic-type event. People could either play together or perform on their own. I really like this idea and i'd like to open it up to all genres of music, all types of instruments. So the questions is this: Do we have any musicians in our midst, and what do you think of perhaps an event built around this on a Sunday afternoon/evening maybe?

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