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What we’re about

The South Shore Writing Initiative is a public workshop, led by yours truly, with the aim of teaching writing to all those who want to learn. My goal is simple: to bring writing instruction to people who might otherwise never get it. Writing can be an expensive pursuit to learn, and while I understand the reality that schools and organizations face with funding, I feel that an effort must be made to those who cannot afford the privilege of a four-year writing degree.
I cannot bring this level of workshop everywhere around the country… yet. For now, this is aimed at those writers living in the South Shore of Massachusetts (but open to all who can attend).
With that in mind, the South Shore Writing Initiative is a basic workshop. Those attending will learn the fundamentals of character, P.O.V., setting, plot, genre, and many other writing tools. One aspect that I will also explore is what to do after the work is done. Not only will this class cover editing (the basic essential of writing development), but it will also explore where to go next. Publishing strategies and continued writing education are two crucial tools for any writer.
As I am new to life as an instructor, I will take this moment to ask for my first class’ indulgence. Rest assured, I will do everything I can to make sure that this initiative is a successful one.
Writers of color and LGBTQ writers are strongly encouraged to attend: diversity of voice only strengthens us.