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Facing the Shadow Self

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Dark and shadows are often associated with fear and things that are bad. This is not the case though as we need balance for a healthy self. We've done a few workshops now where we have looked at our positive attributes and how we can develop these but I feel the time is right for us to take our self-discovery to a deeper level and so I invite you to come on a journey with me to meet or Shadow Selves.

In this workshop we will be exploring aspects of ourselves which we believe to be negative and finding out how these can be used in a healthy way.

We need balance: day and night, summer and winter, make and female. We need positive and negative. I firmly believe that facing these aspects of ourselves which we normally keep hidden is incredibly empowering and taking a frank and honest view of ourselves keeps the Ego in check!

In this workshop we will be inwardly exploring a few of our negative aspects as well as doing a guided meditation to meet or shadow self to see that it is nothing to be feared and that it is a wonderful and necessary part of our Selves. We will also be doing a chakra cleanse and clear after.

Come and confront, explore, accept and rejoice with yourself as a whole, complete and gloriously flawed human manifestation of Spirit!

Tea and cake/biscuits will be provided as usual!

Hope to see you there!
Love And light
Leonie xx