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This is a group for anyone interested in the discovery, development and support by sharing their knowledge of diverse topics, such as intuitive development, mediumship development, meditation, a variety of healing modalities, personal growth, exploring the frontiers of consciousness, as well as other subjects. All skill levels are welcome. Looking forward to enriching, healing, and educational opportunities that enhance spiritual transformation.

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Healing for Healers

Online event

Everyone is a healer, whether they know it or not. Many healers tend to give their energy to others without thinking about the effects on their own energy. Energy healer Laura DiSarlo will guide healers through a 4- step process to understanding how archetypal patterns effect our energy fields. She will assess each individual and offer ways to remove patterns that no longer serve our highest good. $20.

Mon Sept 13: Archetypes – What are they? Where do archetype patterns sit most often – which chakra? Why are many healers unknowingly afflicted by 5 main Archetype patterns? Laura will identify the 5 most damaging Archetype patterns that innate healers carry, and why.

Mon Sept 20: Examples will be given using 5 of the most damaging Archetype patterns for humanity. Brief individual assessments of each student will be given, as far as which of the top 5 patterns, if any, you are carrying. Affirmations will be provided to begin deconstructing each pattern from you.

Mon Sept 27: How to assess Archetype patterns in yourself and in others. Learn how to move this toxic energy out of you.

Mon Oct 4: Projecting, absorbing, and connecting to other Archetypes – the damage of continuing this behavior as Earth evolves out of old patterns. Laura will discuss how to cleanse your soul from residue of other Archetypes you know or interact with.

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Exploring Your Psychic Potential

Online event

Discovering different psychic and intuitive practices is made fun in this dynamic, exploratory class! From lucid dreaming to psychometry, seeing auras to telepathy, we will be diving into a different topic every week to explore what they are and how to apply them using our own psychic gifts. This is a great opportunity to learn new techniques, as well as to share your own experiences and methods with your peers. Maybe you are experienced in psychic practices but want to branch into more topics. Perhaps you want to share your own experiences with other people. You might even be just beginning to unravel your own psychic potential. This is the perfect class to explore, and see where your spiritual path is leading you! With Barbara Harrison. $15.

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Automatic Journal Writing

Online event

A great way to connect with your higher self, angels, and your spirituality by writing down your thoughts. Come and see what this amazing journey is and how you can get guidance through these messages. Have fun connecting with those who want to help us with our journey. See who will connect with you. A great way to gain inner peace through writing. Speak to angels, guides or family members that want to talk to you, too. Build a stress-reducing habit that helps you to focus on your inner knowing, your intuition and divine messages for answers to your current situation and the next steps to take. Reflect on aspects in your life that require thought and guidance. This empowering class will help you receive inspiration, ideas, and messages. Take that first step toward self-mastery in your life. Connect in a meaningful way to the divine in your life. Allow communication from the realms of spirit to flow through. With Cathy Zapsalis. $10.

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On Sacred Ground – A Devotional Experience

Online event

Join us every other Sunday morning for 60 to 90 minutes of transcending the personal and dwelling in the I AM Presence! This time of devotion is designed for people of all faiths and beliefs to comfortably join in. The service comprises prayer, yogic chanting, “Wisdom” teaching, meditation, and time in the stillness. The philosophical basis for this practice is found in the metaphysical understanding of the Biblical scriptures, A Course in Miracles, The Way of Mastery, and The “I Am” Discourses. We gather together with only one common agenda… to practice the presence of the Universal I Am. Facilitated by Richard Powell. Click Here To Join> https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwrceGhrTkqGNCWMfr-FNUgimGU9VsnFswj

The Spirit University is pleased to present our Sunday morning programs at no charge. If you would like to help support these programs, you can do so at https://www.thespirituniversity.com/donate

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Learn How To Read Tarot Cards

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