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"There are those who know divine love. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in Eckankar or whether they’re in any of the many other religions. It doesn’t matter. They may not belong to any religion at all. But from experiences in past lives, some people understand the quality of divine love. And these people recognize each other when they meet. They just know, That is a good person. That person is charitable, compassionate. And they can tell these people apart from the other group of people who know nothing at all about divine love." —Harold Klemp, The Spiritual Experiences Guidebook (, p. 2 In a Pew Research Center study, almost 50% of North Americans said that they'd had a religious or mystical experience. Profound spiritual experiences may include vivid or prophetic dreams, coincidences and amazing connections in our lives, out-of-body adventures, near-death experiences, dreams with a departed loved one, a sense that you have lived before, guidance or protection from an angel or spiritual guide, seeing an inner light, or hearing an inner sound, amongst many others. Sometimes we might wonder whether there is a way to consciously bring such experiences into our lives. Other times, it might seem like we are walking in a sea of experiences, without knowing how to unravel the deeper mystery of what they mean. Is it actually possible to understand and cultivate such spiritual experiences ... and to get personal answers or insight into our most compelling questions in life? Join us for a lively discussion of the spiritual experiences we've had and how they can lead us to realizations about our true spiritual nature and our lives today. You will also have a chance to participate in or experience a universal spiritual exercise singing HU Song, an ancient name for the God force-that can link us to the guidance of Divine Spirit that is available to each of us, all of the time.It can connect one with the calm center of being. Good company, and good conversation. Hope to see you there! Sponsored by Eckankar—The Path of Spiritual Freedom * * * * * Graphic courtesy of Eckankar

Calvin Park Library Room A

88 Wright Crescent · Kingston, ON

What we're about

Are you a spiritual explorer?

Meet with people of all different backgrounds who share a passion for spirituality—who seek to have actual spiritual experiences, such as lucid or significant dreams, out-of-body travel, past-life recall, and encounters with spiritual beings—and to grow from these experiences to bring more meaning, purpose and joy to daily life.

Come share your spiritual experiences—or your desire to have them—in an open, friendly setting where no one is pushing their beliefs on anyone else. We'll discuss what these experiences mean to us and share techniques we use to explore our inner worlds. Join us to connect with other like-minded Souls and learn new ways of exploring your inner worlds.

We offer informal spiritual discussions, workshops and other events that will help you to explore your inner worlds and to thrive spiritually. Our goals are to help our members validate their spiritual experiences; understand what their experiences really mean, and gain new and advanced ways of exploring their inner worlds. Our topics will include

*Meditation and Contemplation,
*Astral Projection and Soul Travel,
*Finding Your Purpose,
*Letting Go of Fears,
*Creating Your Reality with the Spiritual Laws of Life,
*Accessing Your Own Inner Wisdom,
*Spiritual Growth and Transformation,
*Angels, Masters, and Inner Guides,
*How Past Lives Affect Us Today,
*Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships,

and many more, depending on the interests of the group. There is never a cost for coming to and participating in our group meetings--just come and enjoy!

Sponsored by members of Eckankar as a community service. Eckankar is an ancient spiritual teaching that helps people to make spiritual experiences an everyday reality in their life.

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