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The Stacks is a global collective of writers. It aims to connect reclusive writers on their terms and offer opportunities to collaborate, provide support and offer feedback openly or anonymously.

We hope to one day open a writers' working space designed with the writer in mind. We also aim to help the "introverts" and "ambiverts" connect with other writers to feel a little less lonely in their creative and professional pursuits in the comfort and quiet of the stacks.

There isn't a secret handshake to join.

Through Meetup, we aim to schedule times for writers or aspiring writers to meet in person. We fully understand that it is not easy for everyone to crawl out of their bathtub with pen and paper in hand to meet with other writers in a coffee shop. Even the thought of networking can be incredibly intimidating for a number of creatives. We get it and hope to make connecting with seemingly like-minded writers easier. The life of a writer can certainly be a lonely one, but let's do our part to make it a little less. Who knows, it might help our writing too!

We plan to meet monthly and have an online platform to exchange work for feedback between meetings. Right now our plan is to use Google Drive. Keep in mind that if you would like to be anonymous, you need to LOGOUT of your Google account before accessing the provided link that brings you to The Stacks on Google Drive. You will still be able to access the information, but will not show up under your Google account. (Note: Google could eventually require a login, which would make this solution not agreeable with those who wish to remain anonymous.)

We ask that you are polite and kind to one another in Google Drive, remember that the aim of The Stacks is to connect, collaborate and support one another in our writing endeavors. Please don’t let the opportunity for anonymity get the best of you! We also want to provide constructive feedback in this endeavor. It is also an opportunity for some of us to learn from others how to give constructive feedback. While The Stacks does not require a secret handshake, it does value respect. Please be respectful of our growing community and its members!

-- The Stacks--

Please send me a message for the Google Drive link, if you plan to use it and have attended meetings. I'd like to keep it private to members only. Thank you!

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