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When Kubrick films or events are happening, we try to go see them! Although, during the pandemic, we have been limiting ourselves to weekly Zooms on all things Kubrick.

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SKAS Academy — Watch-together: "Stanley Kubrick's Boxes" & FMJ TIFF reunion

We'll be watching the last half hour of "Stanley Kubrick's Boxes", which chronicles the next two stages in the journey of that eclectic collection, showed to us first by Vivian when some of them were being stored at Elstree.

Then we will watch a Zoom recording of a TIFF reunion recorded in 2020, at the start of the pandemic, between Vincent D'onofrio, Arliss Howard, and Katharina Kubrick. Mathew Modine and Leon Vitali also are featured separately, so if there's time we'll watch them too.


Unless you have been with us before, attendees who arrive late may not be admitted, because we won't have time to vet you.

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Book Discussion: "The Games Room", by Ian Christopher

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