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Have you got a ‘glint in the eye & a fire in place the belly’?

A really good idea, but wondering why there’s no guidance, help & support?

Well now there is. "The Starting Block", is for “experienced professionals” who have a dream & a vision, but perhaps not a way forward.

People call me “That Startup Guy” for good reason (Look me up). My vision is about inspiring, developing & investing 10,000 success entrepreneurs. Are you one of them?

Creating a startup business from an idea, or building it to success, can be challenging. There are misconceptions, hidden truths, opportunities and ideas, to which some-one has the answers we seek, if we could find them.

We all want to share, collaborate and network our way to success, with help along the way from people who understand our challenges, and have found the answers before us. There are secrets to success, which if combined the right way, could allow most startups to succeed, with or without funding.

This meetup group is about asking the questions, and finding the answers in taking the next step towards each of our successes.

Take a look at the list of early topics & vote on what we've posted up at http://www.meetup.com/Startling-Startup-Ide ...

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Solve the challenges that you face in turning your 'great idea' into a success

I love my local StartUp meetups, but on listening to some of the big speakers & big success stories, the topics arent often relevant to the person who hasnt started yet. Others have interesting topics but they arent decided by the audience, the presenters have been unprepared, or the quality & usefulness answers has been questionable. So why isn't there a meetup that addresses my challenges, for my circumstances, at this stage of my idea or startup? Well now there is. "Startling Startup Ideas" This group is "Q&A for Startups" , on topics to help you start, launch or grow, tell us -which topics are most important to you and -which ones that you want first (and suggest others), decided by group voting Before the event, once the topics are decided, we'll take advance questions from the audience & give them to the panel members to prepare in advance. And of course we'll take questions from the floor on the night. (And you can take that as comment) Possible Topics - The art of the possible -going from idea to business ( or 'will my idea work?') - Leveraging my $; what should I spend on what, & when? - Co-founders- the who, what & when of - Tech for non-techs- buy, build, borrow, lease or beg? - Generating Revenue; when do I need sales & sales-people. - Getting help before spending money. - Partners in startups-- whats their role & how can i help? - I'm single in a startup; should I be? - who is guiding me? What advice do i really need. - Does my company own my idea if i'm starting part-time. - how to help/protect my (or others) mental health from a failed startups - startups with kids? How can i make it work? And we'll automate all of these shortly. Join the Group and lets get things started

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