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The Startup Station is a comprehensive educational resource for early stage startup founders.

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99% of startup founders are afraid of the terms Proforma Financials, Balance Sheet, Types of Cash Flow, WACC, IRR, and especially, Valuation.

99.9% of startup founders don’t understand how to logically estimate demand for their pre-revenue ventures.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re raising money or researching the best ways to raise money for your seed or Series A round. It’s a daunting challenge, even for the best finance professionals, and downright scary for startup founders with no finance experience.

Calm your fears - You’ve come to the right place!

The Startup Station has helped hundreds of founders just like you to learn the language of business and finance so that you can effectively communicate with investors. This skill will help to make your venture financially successful. We equip you and your business plan with a defensible financial model that credibly values your company and serves as a management tool to correctly adjust your strategy based on market feedback.

We have experts with both Computer Science and MBA degrees. Therefore, we speak both the technical and business languages to help you bridge the gap.

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Knowledge of finance is integral for any founder looking to build a successful business but it is especially helpful for those searching for outside financing.

According to Fundable (http://www.fundable.com/) and Entrepreneur (https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/230011), 565,000 startups are launched every year and just under 3% receive angel and VC investments. Entrepreneur (https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/234604) identifies three main reasons startup founders fail to secure funding:

1. Misunderstanding your financial situation,

2. Underutilizing your management team, and

3. Lacking a clear go-to-market strategy.

By working with us, you can avoid making those mistakes and get funded faster.

The Startup Station helps you master easy-to-follow frameworks for modeling and valuing your startup. Specifically, we provide the tools to:

1. Evaluate the financial feasibility of your business,

2. Understand the drivers of your business model and logically determine their values, overcoming the main challenge of properly modeling early stage ventures;

3. Build your first financial model and credibly value your company;

4. Learn startup-related finance and accounting; AND

5. Create a necessary management tool to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your strategy.

We Offer Finance Courses (https://thestartupstation.com/courses), Workshops (https://thestartupstation.com/p/workshops), and Services (https://thestartupstation.com/p/services) to Early-Stage Startups!

Do It Yourself: Our finance curriculum is based on real case studies and specifically targets early stage, pre-revenue startups with little to no finance experience. The curriculum includes courses on financial accounting and analysis, financial modeling, valuation, and financing vehicles. After completing our program, you will have the tools to build your own financial model, value your company, and negotiate term sheets with investors!

Custom Advice: For those who wish to get individualized support, we are happy to help you on a one-on-one basis. We are leading experts in creating credible financials and fair valuations for any product or tech startup. We can audit and improve existing models or create a new model from scratch. We also provide feedback for your pitch decks to make them investor-ready, logical, and thorough.

For Beginners: We offer free resources on social media where we post new content related to strategic or financial aspects of running a startup on a weekly basis.

Learn more at www.thestartupstation.com.

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