Visas For Founders by Lisa Eisenberg, Esq.

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In this workshop, Lisa Eisenberg, Esq., an experienced immigration attorney working primarily with technology startups, will discuss various visa and green card options for foreign startup founders.

We will discuss the lesser-known option of O-1 visa, and Lisa will share her experience in successfully obtaining this coveted visa for entrepreneurs in technology and other fields, as well as for software developers, web designers, UX designers and other tech professionals.

We will also talk about best practices in filing H-1B petitions for entrepreneurs and shareholders, L-1 and E visas, and other visas for startup founders. In the end, we will cover President Obama’s executive actions aimed to benefit foreign-owned startups and their founders, including the proposed “significant public benefit” parole program for entrepreneurs.

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About Lisa Eisenberg:

Lisa Eisenberg, Esq., the principal of Eisenberg Law Firm PLLC, has been practicing business immigration law for almost 10 years. Most of her clients are foreign tech entrepreneurs seeking to enter the U.S. market and tech startups hiring foreign specialists. Entrepreneurs often have a difficult time getting a work visa in the U.S. because our country does not offer a “startup visa” or any other option well-suited for startup founders. This prevents many founders from legally working in the U.S., effectively managing their businesses, or obtaining funding.

Lisa has the expertise to utilize existing work visas for the unique needs of tech startup founders and early-stage companies in technology and other fields. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking to operate a business here, a U.S.-based company that would like to employ foreign talent, or a professional who wants to work in the United States, Lisa can help you obtain the legal status you need.