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Walk from Ousden, 9 miles. David & Valerie (07879 282882)
Start at Ousden Village Hall, postcode CB8 8TR. A three-village walk Ousden--Lidgate--Dalham. Stopping for drinks at Affleck Arms in Dalham. Please ignore the end time of this event if one is displayed.

Ousden Village Hall

front street · Ousden


What we're about

We are a Suffolk based walking group that now caters for people of what we like to think is ' working age' people.
We were in our 20's to 30's years ago , but have all got older !.
But we are still young at heart :-)
Our walks generally range from 6 to 15 miles depending on time of the year.
Normally including pub stop or similar for refreshments after our picnic lunch.
We also have weekends away in different parts of the country.

We're part of The Ramblers Association, a national organisation that encourages people to get walking in the great outdoors.
It costs about £30 a year to join up , with that we ask you to try up to 3 walks to see if you enjoy it first.
Joining gives you access to all Ramblers walks nationally, as well as discounts for outdoor activities at various shops.
If you decide to join , we ask you to be allocated to us " Stour Walking " .
Our website is simple , but informative.
Please copy & paste the link below into your browser...

On there you will find the current programme of walks & contact information.
Hope to see you soon !

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