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The Study Society and Colet House have been a centre for rest and refreshment for over 70 years through both the good times and challenging moments.

Whilst Colet House must remain closed to all visitors during this Covid-19 crisis we are holding gatherings and some classes on Zoom.

Upcoming events (4+)

Yoga & lunch

Colet House


Come and join us for a community yoga class - Mondays at noon, followed by an optional pot-luck lunch at 1pm. Expect an accessible, slow-paced Hatha yoga class that will wake up your body, quieten the mind and leave you calm and refreshed.

This event is a collaboration with our friends at Mandala Centre - a hub of talented practitioners offering a range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual events known as ‘The Mandala of You.’

General Admission £10 - Concession £5

12pm- Yoga
1pm - lunch

Somatic Breath & Voice with Jessica

Online event

This new weekly voice class incorporates therapeutic, somatic bodywork, breathwork, & mindfulness techniques combined with expressive/musical voice work to deepen the relationship with our individual expression & to develop greater physical & emotional well-being.

The class is on zoom, tickets available here: https://www.studysociety.org/somatic-breath/

Qigong with Natalia

Colet House


Natalia teaches Chi Kung (Qigong) in the beautiful surrounds of the Top Studio at Colet House. An ancient Chinese Art for wellbeing and healing, Chi Kung is a system composed of many different practices: meditation, breathing techniques, self massage, and gentle, fluid movements.
In Chi Kung we use our breath and our intention to move our body in a slow and harmonious way using Nature as a model for flow. That is what makes it an ideal practice for everyone, young or old, fit or with mobility restrictions.

TICKETS: £10/ concession £5

Buy tickets here or in person : https://www.studysociety.org/colet-chi-kung/

Himalayan Kriya Yoga with Cristina Berar

Online event

Yoga is a journey of remembering the blissful nature of our self through releasing and letting go of all that we are not, while intensifying the connection with our true nature of causeless joy and kindness.

During the Himalayan Kriya Yoga classes, we will use a series of body, breath and mind techniques to help us become aware of our blockages and self-limitations, seamlessly allowing them to move away while we remember the simplicity and enjoyment of the present moment.

We will move through the class activating our meridians and pranic flow, releasing from our Musco-skeletal system while intensifying our vibration and flowing into insightful meditative states. The class ends with a short session for sharing impressions where participants have the opportunity to discuss and integrate their experience.

*This class welcomes everyone with any level of experience.

For tickets please visit: https://www.studysociety.org/kriya-yoga/

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Kirtan with Šárka

Colet House


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