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Founded in 2009 by Nancy Eaton (aka Nina Coquina) as a spin-off of the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society, with later help from Susan Rife and Michael Lehner, we are a group of ukulele enthusiasts on the Suncoast of Florida who enjoy getting together to share ideas and information, play music with others, and occasionally hold events, including workshops and concerts.

This Meetup site is the repository of our entire membership, and our main means of communicating with our members. We also have a Facebook Page.

Anyone of any ukulele playing ability or interest is welcome to join our club. Most of the club meetups and events are in Sarasota County, however people outside our county are welcome to join.


1. All members are encouraged to organize get-togethers! Don't wait! If you don't see an event happening soon enough for your liking and want to play with others, organize a get-together of your own! It's fun! We have all kinds of great places to meet and play music in our beautiful area. Feel free to organize and advertise any kind of get-together at any location you'd like. You are free to set the parameters of the get together: For examples: beginner strum-along, intermediate round-robin, play from specific songbooks, play by ear, play by musical genre (for instance Beatles, or Tin Pan Alley, or 1990s songs), instrument show and tell or swap meet, educational exhibit...use your imagination and

2 While we do hold some meetups that are educational and helpful to beginners, please do not expect free lessons. We strongly believe in supporting our local instructors first, along with any guest workshops they might host. We also can recommend some online resources for self-study or for long distance learning.

3. We see this as a true club, which means we encourage active vs. passive participation. Any help you can give regarding volunteering to organize meetups or events or to help others with their meetups or events is MUCH APPRECIATED.


We love vendors, sponsors, and professional performers to be part of our club. Any events held at vendor or instructor locations are considered separate from club functions, and each vendor or instructor may have their own requirements for members vs. non-members to attend, and their own fees for attending that are not part of the club kitty. This will be the decision of the vendor or instructor, so please ask for clarification.


All workshop and concert listings need to include the following: Date, time, address, cost for members, photo of artist if possible, link to an example of the artist's performance on YouTube or elsewhere, if RSVP is required, contact information, ticket information.

Thanks and we look forward to singin' n strummin' with you!

The Suncoast Sand Fleas

Upcoming events (1)

Sing and Strum at Colonial Oaks Park

Needs a location

Come join us as we sing and strum our way through the oldies.

Due to covid the following restrictions apply:

Only 24 people will be allowed to attend and it's on a first come first serve basis. Anyone who applies after the 24th person is added will be placed on a wait list and won't be able to attend unless one of the 24 drops out.

If you sign up, but then find you can't attend, you must change your RSVP to not going so someone else from the wait list can move up and take your place.

Everyone must be fully vaccinated, including boosters, to attend this event. Some of our members are immune compromised or live with someone who is, so we need to look out for our fellow strummers. This is the best way I know.

24 is a small enough number that you'll be able to socially distance from others if you feel the need. Masks are optional. Due to the small size, we need to limit attendance to strummers. No audience, roadies, groupies, plus ones, etc.

We'll take a 15-minute break at 3 pm to socialize, use the bathroom, stretch your legs, etc. Don't bring food at this time.

BRING: your own ukulele, music stand, tuner, Daily Ukulele songbooks-yellow and blue, your beverage, etc.

I'll send out a song list about a week before the event to everyone who's signed up. I'll also post it on our meetup page so you can access it if you didn't get it in the email.


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Join The Uke Jam at Colonial Oaks Park

Needs a location

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