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This group is for anyone who may be looking for added fulfillment, happiness, and 'success" (whatever that may mean for you). It's about moving through whatever it is that gets in the way of living and enjoying life to the fullest right now, no matter what.

After 20+ years of coaching folks from all walks of life and all ages, I've found that moving forward in life and enjoying the ride comes down to 2 main themes:

1. Freeing the mind - of the limits, obstacles, and other constraints that the mind is SO good at creating - much of what turns out to be false, no matter how "real" they may seem.

2. Finding the Flow - that we are at our best and enjoy life to the fullest when in flow versus "making things happen" by trying to force, fix, and change the things we think we need to change in order to do our thing, enjoy life, and be "happy."

A bit about me ...

My bold and impossible Mission at Play - "To touch a billion lives - helping free the mind, find the flow, and live our adventure to the fullest." :-)

Untapped Genius - the name of my personal development company that refers to what I like to call the "built-in abilities of the mind and body" we ALL have within us that, when recognized, can be used for what we're here to do and experience.

Check out the following links to learn more about my story and what I offer:

• The Groove Coach (http://thegroovecoach.com/) - my main coaching site where you can get an overview of what I do, my background, and some of the folks I've had the honor of coaching.

• Guide to Life as a Wave: 4 Principles of Rhythm & Flow (http://lifeasawave.com/pdf/Free-Guide.pdf) - my free ebook that provides an overview of my approach I call Life as a Wave.

• Untapped Genius for Young Minds (http://lifeasawave.com/get-coached/teens/details/) - my teen & young adult coaching program (one I'm particularly passionate about).

• Book a FLOW SESSION with me (http://thegroovecoach.com/flow-sessions/) - a one-time 2 hour coaching session to get clear and gain momentum in any area of your life.

This is my first group and am just getting started, so thank you for being part of something I hope to be really special for all of us. Lots of great things coming ... so stay tuned!

Until then ...

Life. Is. Good.

Your Groove Coach,

Carl Contino


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