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There is Power in Presence ~
Presence is the only doorway to Love, to Sacred Connection, to an Experience that cuts right through the veil and into the Heart of Truth.

The Tantra of Presence is entirely experiential - from meditation to other practices that will awaken your desire to be in the world - totally, without inhibition, without fear, without anxiety...in love...

The entire focus is on becoming so deeply present with everything in our life that Life itself becomes a Sensual Ecstatic Experience.

By learning how to move to deep relaxation and presence, we tune to a deep well being state where everything becomes a source of pleasure - and that reflects on our relationship with ourselves, others, our lovers and everything around us...

Tantra is the shortest path to awakening to the divine nature of all…

If you are attracted to it guided by your quest for pleasure…know that it’s a pleasure beyond what your concept of pleasure is…

it’s an opening to life ….it’s a sacred tremor.. a dissolution of everything into nothing and nothing into everything…

It’s the reverberating of the entire expression of creation, of God…within your Heart.

In Infinite Gratitude

Evelina / an Alchemist of Inner Truth & Sacred Connection

Offering group and Private Sessions




Your Facilitator:
Evelina is the founder of the Tantra of Presence.

She is an also a healer, mindfulness, meditation guide as well as a modern day shaman that uses in her private sessions various healing modalities to attune the body, mind and spirit to a state of well being and wholeness.

Some of the practices include gentle therapeutic body work, verbal processes, protocols and therapy techniques that enable efficient elimination of emotional problems, release of traumas, overcoming of negative beliefs, integration of polarities... and accelerated spiritual evolution.

So often we have the right equipment yet we use up all our energy to run in the wrong direction which makes a personal guide and healer an important step of our journey..

"Are you diluted? When you touch a flower…when you taste a lover, when you look at the sky…

Are you 100% present. Notice. Pay attention ...

Are you partitioned into 100 pieces and places...

You are meant to experience life with intensity. Not as a diffused pale potentiality of who you were meant to be. Fully present. Fully EXPRESSED. Unrestricted.

Once you CHOOSE that. Once you step into that and commit to yourself, you will be seduced to a New Life!

Yes, you may loose the taste for certain foods, yes some people may fade without a trace...yes you may realize you are someone else….

but trust me ..

Your senses will be drowned in the intense ferocious excitement…and every second of your life will be soaked in such a delicious kick of Ecstasy, Intensity and Euphoria that your former pseudo existence as a Ghost will become a ridiculous reminder of the absurdity once called “You”! "


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