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The launch and success of the The Things Network Kickstarter campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/419277966/the-things-network) is very exciting. A low cost, open LoRaWAN based data network for 'things' is what is needed for the Internet of Things to take off. The development is especially exciting in light of the unique challenges in Cape Town and (South) Africa in general.

We are on a mission to contribute to building an open, crowdsourced Internet of Things data network with special focus on implementation in (South) Africa and Cape Town in particular.

The Meetup up aims to bring together individuals that are excited about the Internet of Things and see the potential that The Things Network (http://thethingsnetwork.org) offers. Learn more about the technology, discuss use cases, meet other innovators.

Meetups are organised once a month and take place in a open and informal setting with coffee and a few drinks. We'll be discussing the state of the network in South Africa and exchange ideas on potential applications in the South African context and Cape Town in particular.

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