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What we’re about

Together we plan to cover the entire city of Barcelona and surroundings with LoRa data connectivity with free access

LoRaWAN has the potential to enable an entire new class of use cases for the Internet of Things, but we need to open this up to the hacker/maker community. And the best way to do it, is to build the network ourselves. A free (as in beer), open network (free as in speech), based on an open-source stack, owned by the community itself to enable all the tinkerers and hackers and just about everyone with an interest in the technology, to build and prototype on top of it.

We work together as a community including social movements, businesses, public institutions, universities and domestic users. Each one of us benefits from a commons-based network, that we build and control collectively. We build this as a commons on the level of the protocols, the software, the hardware designs and the antennas itself.



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