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For the longest time I have known that we are Mind, Body & Soul and the Three Principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness were the missing link that showed me that it didn't have to be as complicated as it all seemed to be. The simplicity within the teachings of Sydney Banks that these simple principles applies to each and everyone of us we are all using them.

Finally a level playing field that each of us could understand for we all have wisdom and we can all feel it and understand it when we hear it because it lives within us….PHEW

I've been asking a question for a long time Have you got a SOUL? the answer is always YES so that's all you need to qualify for this meet up..didn't realise it could be that simple did you lol So great people, great conversations & some fun

This is a meet up group which will explore the work of Sydney Banks and his profound spiritual insight of The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

Mind- The formless spiritual intelligence behind life which is inherent in us all

Consciousness - The awareness of our experience as a human being

Thought- The building blocks that determine our experience of life

This meet up group will share insights, Syd Banks DVD's and writings, together with the feeling that lies behind the words.

We will discuss how our thinking directly impacts on our lives, often keeping us focused on what is happening 'out there', instead of what is really happening 'within' our Spiritual Intelligence.

We look forward to sharing and deepening our understandings of Mind, Consciousness and Thought by sharing our insights & realisations as this also leads to more insights and realisations and all that is possible with real time experiences of how we are all using the principles in daily life.

Creating a space for connection and creative collaborations that provides support to each other and those around us.

All are welcome.

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