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Please read the ENTIRE description. This is not just a weekly hangout. It's an actual club. We are attempting to form a male-betterment group with individual members who either want to learn or to mentor. We are looking for highly successful guys who have knowledge and experience to offer in all walks of life. We are also looking for guys who want to learn about such things. If you're a rock star in your field, we'd like to get to know you. If you WANT to be a rock star in a particular field, this is the club for you also. We're looking for leaders, thinkers, doers and men who want to better themselves as well as men who can help men BE better.

We are a men's-only group which meets every Thursday evening for social activities and to eat, drink and socialize. At these weekly social meetings we discuss current events, talk about our lives, plan various civic events and our goal is to have someone speak about any and all topics related to the art of being a man. TTK is about honor, valor, friendship, teaching/learning and treating people fairly and honestly. We have guys who know about cigars. We have others who have in-depth knowledge about food, wine & spirits. We have entrepreneurs of all shapes, sizes and ages. We have a lot to offer, but we also hope to find more high achievers. We are a club that's about DOING things. Trying new things. Yes, we get together and have a burger and socialize but we are much more than a weekly happy hour club. We plan and do events.

As a member, you'll have access to our knowledge and talents and we expect that you bring yours. If you don't have any special skills, that's okay. We have guys from whom you can learn and grow. We hope to create a very diverse membership so that guys who never got the opportunity to learn about various things will now have that opportunity.

Some of our members are former and current military members. Some guys are formally educated and some not. Some are men of faith and others could care less, but we are all becoming a band of brothers. We help one another, support each other through various hardships, listen, try to understand and counsel when necessary and treat each other with respect.

We use a special chat app to communicate outside the live meetings. In this app, we have separated our various categories of things we are planning. As a member, you'll also get full access to these categories and the learning and fun can continue throughout the week. This app allows each guy to not only dispense with information but discuss various topics of interest, share jokes, knowledge, photos, updates, etc. It's turned in to our own private social platform.

We do not subscribe to the "PC" movement and we DO NOT harbor or encourage the victim-hood mentality. This group is a place for men to be men. We believe that being male or being masculine is not a crime. There are not enough mentorships available in today's world and we hope to change that.

If you're looking for a group to get away from life's difficulties, a place where you can talk like a man, think like a man and act like a man, without judgement, this might be the group for you.

With that said, we do not condone violence, discrimination or hatred toward any individual or group. As per the 1st Amendment, you are entitled to your opinion, even if it's wrong. God bless America!

NOTES: This is not a male hookup group. There are no sexual or amorous activities allowed in our group or it's functions.

We require RSVPs to each event. If you're the kind of person who is too lazy to hit one button to let us know you're attending or not, then please move on. We're looking for leaders, responsible guys who respect that time is our most valued commodity. Some of our events are scheduled in places where the venue has made special arrangements for our group, sometimes staying open past their normal hours. We insist on the common decency of a simple RSVP. These people have to plan for us to have food and drinks, etc. and it's not fair to them if our RSVP numbers are inaccurate.

We look forward to meeting you.


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2400 N Rocky Point Dr, Tampa, FL 33607

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2400 N Rocky Point Dr, Tampa, FL 33607


2400 N Rocky Point Dr, Tampa, FL 33607

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