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Welcome to The Toronto Philosophy Club! We are a group of philosophical types who enjoy contemplating the big questions of life. The emphasis is on 'practical philosophy' where we take insights and tools from philosophy and cognitive science in order to have a positive effect on emotional wellness, relationships, and existential angst. There are lots of theoretical discussions at our events. We have members with backgrounds in all areas of philosophy including Ancient Greek, Western, Continental, Eastern Philosophies, Logic, Ethics, and Cognitive Science. Many different perspectives and many opportunities to learn new theoretical frameworks. Some example areas that tend to come into play are philosophy of mind, metaphysics, epistemology, mindfulness and spirituality. While there can be therapeutic value (and lots of fun) from philosophical contemplation itself, these events lean towards theoretical approaches that also have practical value.

If you think this group might be for you please come out. We’d love to meet you. And no matter what, we are ensured to have fun, meet some interesting people, and hopefully solve all of life's mysteries at the same time ; )

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The Climate Crisis and Human Cognition

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The Ancestral Mind: Why We Need to Become Reacquainted

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Autumn Enchantment: 3 Workshop-Style Sessions

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