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Welcome to the Toronto Philosophy Meetup! This is a community for anyone interested in philosophy, including newcomers to the subject. We host discussions, talks, reading groups, pub nights, and other events on an inclusive range of topics and perspectives in philosophy, drawing from an array of materials (e.g. philosophical writings, for the most part, but also art, history, law, science, theology, literature, podcasts, current events, ethnographies, film, and whatever else seems good.)

Anyone is welcomed to host philosophy-related events here.

We also welcome speakers and collaborations with other groups.

Join us at an event soon for friendship, cooperative discourse, and mental exercise!

Feel free to propose meetup topics (you can do this on the Message Boards), and please contact us if you would like to be a speaker or host an event.

(NOTE: Most of our events are currently online because of the pandemic.)

"Philosophy is not a theory but an activity." 
— from "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus", Wittgenstein

"Discourse cheers us to companionable
reflection. Such reflection neither 
parades polemical opinions nor does it 
tolerate complaisant agreement. The sail 
of thinking keeps trimmed hard to the 
wind of the matter."
— from "On the Experience of Thinking", Heidegger

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Upcoming events (4+)

Fichte: Philosophy, self-observation and freedom (Pre Read)

Link visible for attendees

Recently, philosophers and scholars have begun to appreciate Fichte as an important philosopher in his own right due to his original insights into the nature of self-consciousness or self-awareness. Fichte was also the originator of thesis–antithesis–synthesis, an idea that is often erroneously attributed to Hegel. Like Descartes and Kant before him, Fichte was motivated by the problem of subjectivity and consciousness.

We will read the First Introduction to the Wissenschaftslehre (p. 59 of this PDF) as part of our weekly discussion on the History of Metaphysics.
This group examines the history of Metaphysics by looking primarily at European thinkers in chronological order. Great effort is made to include lesser known thinkers whose thought has historical significance. We will occasionally examine non-European metaphysics too to provide context and comparison.

The organizer is not an expert on Metaphysics but has a long experience in organizing similar meetings. He also has an Oxford PhD in European History as well as a Cambridge MPhil on the same discipline. He currently teaches foreign languages.

Our meeting time is: Tuesday 2 pm(Los Angeles)/5 pm (New York)/10 pm (London).

Other meetings in the History of Metaphysics series:

October 11, Hegel
October 17, Schopenhauer
October 24, Why does the Universe exist?
November 1, Aztec Metaphysics

Free Thinker Institute: On Aging Gracefully

Link visible for attendees

This event is brought to you by the Free Thinker Institute (FTI), a not-for-profit looking to support and empower personal development for its members. The FTI focuses on transformational development for anyone interested, both personally and professionally, organizing a free event every Tuesday to discuss ways to transform wisdom into practical applications that benefit our lives, covering topics widely ranging from professional subjects to spiritual ones. (http://freethinkerinstitute.org/)

Free Thinker Institute Presents:

Topic: Aging Gracefully,

Hosted by: Jeffrey Caldwell of Connections Humanist Community

This week we'll be talking about growing older. Is it a source for anxiety? Or a time when we can reflect on our lives and appreciate all that we've grown? Is it really possible to age gracefully? Join us to talk about it.

Format: open discussion
Note: social time for our community 15 minutes before presentation.

Connections Humanist Community - Is a Humanist Spiritual community which meets online, and in person. Connections focuses on building community one relationship at a time, by facilitating group discussions, and in-person social events. Join one of our Meetup events to learn more.

Host: Jeffrey Caldwell
Is the organizer of Connections Humanist Community, and works as a hospice Chaplain with Lifesong Hospice in York, PA. Jeffrey earned a Master’s of Divinity Degree from Lancaster Theological Seminary, and completed Chaplaincy training at UCLA Medical Center. Jeffrey enjoys building community with a focus on personal growth and development, spiritual exploration and healing trauma.

Note: Garrett Lang will be returning next week.

To get familiar with our past events, feel free to check out our YouTube channel:

We publish our event recordings on our YouTube channel to offer our help to anyone who would like to but can’t attend the meeting, so we need to give this clause. If you don’t want to be recorded, just remain on mute and keep your video off. Here’s our legal notice: For valuable consideration received, by joining this event I hereby grant Free Thinker Institute and its legal representatives and assigns, the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish any and all zoom recordings for trade, advertising and any other commercial purpose, and to alter the same without any restriction. I hereby release Free Thinker Institute and its legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability related to said video recordings.

The "Middle Wittgenstein" (Philosophical Grammar)

Link visible for attendees

After slowly coming back to philosophy spurred on from the meetings with Frank Ramsey and hearing lectures by L. E. J. Brouwer. Wittgenstein started to question his own ground-breaking work "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. Was the fly still in the bottle? One of the results of this reexamination is a collection of notes that were compiled by one of his close students and literary executor Rush Rhees called Philosophical Grammar.

During this series of meetups we will conduct a live read of the Philosophical Grammar. Knowledge of Wittgenstein's main work the TLP and the PI would be helpful.

link to the text:

The Analects by Confucius: Chapter by Chapter

Link visible for attendees

Join us in diving deep into the Analects by Confucius. We will be covering half a chapter each week.


  1. Two readings of the part of the chapter being discussed.
  2. Everyone puts on the table the questions they have on the material
  3. Jason reads his own original translation of the chapter and explains why he has translated it the way he has.
  4. General discussion and Q&A.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

This event is organized by the 52 Living Ideas Meetup group in New York City: https://www.meetup.com/52LivingIdeas

This Meetup will take place on Zoom. RSVP before the Meetup starts to get the Zoom link.

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