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We are the community of professionals from businesses, government and society who are coming together to design and develop a platform based ecosystem called Traffnetic for solving transportation traffic worldwide.

Traffnetic is a digital platform that emphasizes the health of Cities and Citizens over that of corporations. Traffnetic is more than a revolution in how we manage traffic, this is a revolution in how we understand the digital economy. Traffnetic puts people over technology. Traffnetic allows design communities to shape our transportation future, and to share in the value this will create.

This community will be the prototype for other communities that will spawn and grow in cities globally. By "professional", we mean people who bring a high standard, integrity, commitment and dedication to everything they do, and are community oriented.
Members of this community will benefit in a multitude of ways in belonging to high performance, digitally augmented networks that will ensure their business, careers, communities, family and cities are ahead of the digital transformation curve.
If digital capabilities are important to your future, we are dedicated to being the very best community you can belong for taking advantage of this "digital disruption", whether you are a homemaker, small business owner, contractor, property developer, government manager/worker, or any of the hundreds of roles that make cities the hub of innovation and economic activity.
By collaborating to solve Traffic, we learn to work together to solve society's most complex and pressing issues. We all win in this type of community oriented business model.

We are looking for people who can bring to the Traffnetic Professional Community a high degree of interest and knowledge in these areas:
Platforms, Ecosystem Orchestration, Design Thinking, Swarm Intelligence, Networks and their effects, autonomous technology, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, user experience, Internet of Things/Smart Cities, traffic management.

As a Community, we will continually build our mastery in:
Leadership, community building, strategy in networks, collaboration, "extreme teaming", governance in the age of platforms, high performance smart networks ("SmartSwarms"), digital transformation, platform economics, neuroeconomics, designing living systems, truly "smart cities", and how we as cities and citizens can and will shape the future of our cities.

Gregory D Esau
Founder, CEO and Lead Orchestrator of Traffnetic.

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