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This group is for open-minded people who wish to discover the real truth about relationships. Whether you are searching for ‘The One’ or looking to enhance your existing relationship, this group is for you. We promise you it is like no other.

Manj and Alex host unique events that reveal a series of steps designed to help you uncover the true relationship you are looking for.

Be introduced to this extraordinary work and discover how this life-changing model can connect people to their True Nature, enabling them to live fully expressed. Only from here can truly fulfilling relationships with others flourish to the ultimate level.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 28th 2019, you can find the full details in the events section of this page. I hope to see you then.

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Relationships: Find Out What The Experts Are Not Telling You…

Blu Radisson Grafton Hotel

Achieve a relationship with your Self, in order to create Real Relationships with others. If you really want to understand the truth about Relationships, are genuinely open-minded, want to unlock your innate Happiness and release an extraordinary ability to connect and relate, then this is absolutely FOR YOU! Introducing a True Model For Relationships that will help us evolve as people living from our True Nature. This is an event designed to introduce you to a ground-breaking model where you can discover: √ How to awaken to new possibilities √ A new Dimension of Relationships √ Unleash the perfect Energy into your life √ A new model for connecting from Happiness, Love & Unity √ A proven approach with Real Steps Take the next step and meet people who have availed of their real Self and hear how this has transformed their relationships. See them demonstrate expressions of the actualised Self at will, including love, happiness, bliss and unity, simply by physically holding hands. These are the people living at the new level of relationship that we are all designed to live at. This invitation-only evening is for like-minded people to find out more about this incredible model. It is for the genuinely open-minded and those willing to discover the real truth about Relationships. Thursday 28th February[masked]pm for a 7pm start Attendance is FREE

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